The Essence of Nature

Communication through scent is one of the most fascinating phenomena of the natural world. In the marvellous wonders of nature, scent plays a major role in the survival of the species. Non-airborne pollinated flowers produce a scent to attract insects and animals to spread their pollen. Animals use aroma to mark out their territories and attract a mate.

Us humans are profoundly affected by scent even more than we realise and this is experienced throughout the seasons. As spring arrives, beautiful fragrances of aromatic trees and plants in bloom bring forth invigorating feelings of joy and anticipation for what’s to come. This is soon followed by hypnotic jasmine and rose flowers which fill the summer air with their heady perfume, setting the stage for romance. Then comes Autumn and the dominant earthy aroma of strikingly brilliant coloured leaves cascading to the ground creating the musky-sweet smell of a leaf pile that arouse warm and comforting feelings of cosy dark nights. In contrast, a cold, crisp, clean and fresh scent in the air of a pine forest after a rain shower in winter is totally exhilarating.

It’s easy to understand how using fragrance can enhance our everyday lives as it’s something human beings have been doing instinctively for thousands of years and the therapeutic use of aromatic plants is as old as human civilisation itself.

The benefits of natural plant oils have been appreciated for more than 6000 years for their nourishing, healing, cleansing, preservative, mood-enhancing and fragrant properties. These properties are being rediscovered as we look to the wisdom of the past to help us restore the balance that has been lost in modern day life.

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