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Our handmade products are created with 100% natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients and combine the intensely moisturising properties of the finest body butters and oils with therapeutic essential oils to make for the ultimate skincare experience. Our varied blends can also contain a selection of ultra-cleansing and stress-relieving mineral salts and clays, natural wax, flowers, herbs, spices and other complementary goodies such as honey, nuts and oats.

In addition to adding aroma, essential oils have a wide variety of health benefits including antibacterial properties, relieving stress and promoting skin rejuvenation. Magical for mind, body and spirit.

Gift Boxes

Pamper yourself or your loved ones and enjoy an aromatherapy treat with one of our gift boxes. Choose from a box of goodies we’ve already put together in a set, or pick your own combination. We also include a gift card for you to write a message or we can personal one and send the gift for you.

Our gift boxes include luxuriously moisturising, refreshing and rejuvenating treats packed in natural materials (no plastic).

Bath and Shower Products

Enjoy a luxury aromatherapy, skin-softening bath time experience with our bath and shower products.

We offer a range of wonderful bath treats packed with 100% natural ingredients including moisturising skin loving body butters, therapeutic mineral salts and cleansing clays enhanced with herbs, spices, flowers, grains, nuts, honey and, of course, pure essential oils that naturally add fragrance to your bath.

Skincare Products

Our luxuriously nourishing and hydrating blends not only quench the skin but also help treat chronic dryness, itchiness and irritation, keeping your skin glowing, supple and younger looking.

Bulging with the finest rich butters, oils, clays, mineral salts and exquisite essential oils, our products are specially formulated to provide your skin with the protection it needs to soothe, balance, regenerate and heal with 100% natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients which make for the ultimate skincare experience.

Candles and Wax Melts

A candle’s aroma is as important as its light and has the power to unlock fond memories or set the mood for an occasion or time of year ~ scents are a fundamental part of what makes us who we are.

Our natural soy candles with essential oils will fill your room with beautiful fragrances. The ingredients are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced, perfect for those seeking natural luxury.

I could smell how beautiful these bath melts were before I even opened the bag! Beautifully packaged with stickers so I knew which one was which. I’ve used a few of them and each one has been so lovely! They smell amazing and make my skin feel really smooth. I’m super impressed and will defo be buying again 😊

Ceri, Etsy

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Pure Essential Oils

Nourishing Butters and Oil

Mineral Salts, Clay and Wax

Complementary Nicies

Flowers, Herbs and Spices

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