What is journaling?

When you think of a diary, you may imagine a teenage girl scribbling in her pink notebook about the guy she’s in love with from the year above. But there’s a reason why this works not only for teenagers, but anyone.

Journaling can take on multiple forms, but the main three are:

  1. Gratitude Journal
  2. Shadow Work
  3. Catharsis

A gratitude journal consists of consistently writing down everything that you’re grateful for. Similarly to positive affirmations, this technique works to turn negative energy and thoughts more positive.

Shadow work consists of delving into your unconscious, or your ‘Shadow Self’, through prompts to try to understand your mind, emotions and self more clearly.

Catharsis is perhaps the most well-known form of journaling. It’s simply just writing about your life and the emotions that come with it.

The best part of journaling is that you can use a variety of methods, not just one!

How journaling helps

Journaling helps your mental wellbeing in several ways, especially in regards to which technique you choose.

A Gratitude Journal is great for anyone working to become more positive. Whether you struggle with depressive episodes, or simply want to make more of life, looking at everything you are grateful for, even the smallest of things, can help bring you out of a negative thought process. It can be hard when you first start, but as they say, practice is perfect and even mindfulness takes practice.

Shadow Work takes a much more deeper look into the psyche to figure out exactly who we are and why we react to the world in the way we do. Our shadow self is perhaps the most protected part of our being, not only to others but even to ourselves. By exploring this hidden part of ourselves, we can find all the parts of ourselves we may have forgotten, lost or never knew existed.

Finally, Catharsis is perhaps the easiest of all three techniques, although comes with its own uses. Purging your emotions can help you think more clearly about situations or just generally let go of negative emotions. Becoming more emotionally aware of ourselves allows us to better handle difficult situations and handle conflict in healthier ways.

Delve into your psyche and discover your Shadow Self with our Journaling Prompts!

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