About Us

Moonbeams was created through a joint passion of self-care and aromatherapy. Our aim is to promote self-love and help you discover your inner confidence.

With a background of running our own Holistic Therapy Centre and producing aromatherapy products, we are careful to choose ingredients we know will benefit your mind, body and spirit. We are passionate about the environment, sustainability and keeping things as natural as possible so you won’t find any nasties in our products and all the packaging we use is recyclable.

Who are we?


Heyy! I’m Meg, an English and Creative Writing graduate with a passion for all things self-care and personal development.

I launched Moonbeams to pursue my passion of helping others during a time that’s been hard on all of us. Through my experience with mindfulness and my mother’s expertise in aromatherapy, the idea of a community to help others was born.

I also have a part-time job as a PA and Marketing Assistant. When I’m not working, you can find me stuck on TikTok for hours, playing pretend as an Aasimar Rogue/Warlock, or building farms in Minecraft.


Hi, I’m Dawn, a mother of two wonderful daughters, Megan and Rebecca. In life, I try my best to be fair and generous and am happiest when I see my daughters smile.

My long-standing love of helping people has resulted in me now having the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise of natural products with my daughter alongside working part-time as specialist debt adviser and teacher.

Many moons ago, I had my own holistic therapy centre with shop and, as well as offering hands-on therapies, created aromatherapy products with our own specialised essential oil blends. I have built on that knowledge and experience to help create exciting new products for Moonbeams.

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