There’s Nothing I Hate More Than Fad Diets

Whether it’s for a new year resolution or a summer bod, there are countless companies targeting the public, women especially, with special plans that promise fast and sustainable weight loss.

They’re lying to you.

According to Diabetes UK, “nearly a quarter of those surveyed in our most recent poll believe there is no better time to start a health kick” than January. However, three in four fail to keep it up. There’s a simple reason for this: Fad Diets.

I’ve been susceptible to this notion of getting quick results by putting in minimum effort. The truth is, fad diets work by restricting calories, but restricting calories always ends the same way – weight gain once the restriction ends. This could just be once the diet ends, or when an inevitable binge occurs. You know the situation – you eat one “bad” food and then throw in the towel, you’ve ruined your diet anyway.

Fad diets fuel disordered eating by presenting food as either “good” or “bad”. Not only does it promote more and more restrictive eating, it can also lead to people developing a fear of food.

There is nothing I hate more than Fad Diets for the pure fact that they promote the ideology that fuels disordered eating. The view that food is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is a flawed and dangerous mindset to have. Not only does it promote restrictive eating, but it leads to many people developing a fear of food.

It’s not just me!

Unless you plan on never eating the “bad” food again, and remain restrictive with your intake, there is no way that the weight loss is sustainable.

Even diets such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World, that promote sower weight loss, fail to teach people how to have a healthy relationship with food. Instead, they attach “syns” to the food to restrict whilst allowing endless amount of “free” food. I’ve even had people explain to me how you can eat a whole banana free of any syns, but you can’t eat a mashed banana without.

Fad Diets simply do not work.

You can read the full article and more reasons why they don’t work on LinkedIn.

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