What Self-Care Means To Me

Self-care has never been more important than over the past year.

With COVID, many jobs being lost and many on the frontline during a stressful and risky time, taking a moment to yourself is more needed than ever before. But what does self-care mean exactly?

Influencers and brands have taken the opportunity to stand out and appear “progressive” by selling the idea that self-care is the answer to all of our problems.

Dog’s died? Self-care.

Stubbed your toe? Self-care.

Lost your job? Self-care.

It’s been painted as some wonder treatment that will have you on cloud 9, despite the fact you just lost your nan. Clearly, that’s not the case. But self-care still has many benefits for you, even if it’s just a moment of peace and quiet.

To me, self-care is far more than just physical pampering. Self-care is all about YOU. A time for you to release the baggage that’s been anchoring you to the rocky sea shore. Finally, you can, only for a moment, sail through the storm and towards solid ground.

It’s about mindset.

Mindset means learning how to handle tough moments in life without the threat of a nervous breakdown. Whether you’re working or staying at home, recent circumstances has tough on us all. Mindset won’t make it easy, but it will make it easier. You can start appreciating the things you still have and enjoy that you may have, before, taken for granted.

Self-care is also about awareness. Awareness of who you are, and what trauma has affected the way you approach your external and internal world.

If you’re looking to start your self-care journey into discovering more about yourself, I recommend watching The School of Life* on YouTube. They provide short, but informative videos on a variety of topics aiming to help you discover your inner-self.

*I am in no way affiliated with The School of Life.

Published by Megan Ingram-Jones

Lover of all things dinosaurs, astrology and cats. I'm passionate about personal development and writing content for blogs. If I'm not complaining about my gut, you'll find me in my garden with a book and a cuppa.

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