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Moonbeams was born out of the mission to encourage self-care through aromatherapy and mindfulness. Navigating life is like finding your way through a maze, especially in recent times. Making time for yourself, to de-stress and re-calibrate, isn’t a luxury but a necessity. We aim to promote healthy ways in which you can care for yourself to avoid burnout and emotional distress. Not only that, but our products are mostly vegan and 100% natural.

Natural Wellbeing

Pampering face and body products made with moisturising butters and oils, clays, minerals, vitamin extracts and essential oils designed specifically to protect, soothe and nourish your skin ~ blends for all skin types: dry, damaged, sensitive, oily and mature as well as remedies for common skin conditions.


Mindfulness products to help you bring attention to your thoughts and emotions. Practicing mindfulness allows us to become aware of our subconscious thoughts and behaviours. Our mindfulness products are made to help you re-calibrate your thoughts and work to increase your self-confidence.

Absolutely love the gift boxes. The smell is gorgeous. I bought 2 as Xmas presents and I’m sure they will be loved. Thank you so much for the balm for my sensitive skin, it was so thoughtful of you to send one. Definitely a 5 star service. X

glaink64, Etsy

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Moonbeams was born out of a passion for self-care and the mission to encourage others to learn to love themselves the way they deserve.

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